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Eminent Victorian Cartoonists by Richard Scully (Three Volumes Hardback with slipcase)

Only £35.00

'Eminent Victorian Cartoonists' is the first in-depth study of the Victorian form of the political cartoon; told through the life stories of exponents. Volume I explores the origins and development of the form, through the careers of John 'HB' Doyle, and John Leech, and Sir John Tenniel at 'Punch'. Volume II looks at the little-known rivals to 'Punch': Matthew Somerville Morgan, John Proctor, William Henry Boucher, Fred Barnard, and John Gordon Thomson (who worked for 'Fun', 'Judy', 'Moonshine', 'Will o' the Wisp', and 'Tomahawk'). And Volume III explores the transformation of cartooning into its modern form - via the life and work of Linley Sambourne, Francis Carruthers Gould - and the afterlife of the Victorian cartoon. Sandwiched between the great Golden Age of satirical prints (of Gillray and Rowlandson), and the modern newspaper cartoons (epitomised by the work of David Low), the Victorian Age has hitherto received scant attention from scholars or enthusiasts: 'Eminent Victorian Cartoonists' does much to remedy that situation.