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Stayskal, Wayne B.1931

Upon discharge from the Air Force in 1954, Wayne Stayskal entered the highly reputed Chicago Academy of Fine Arts.

He graduated in 1956 and went directly in to the commercial art field. Stayskal got a job in the art department of the Chicago American. It was there that his passion for cartooning was rekindled when they asked him to do some sport cartooning. From 1962 to 1970, Stayskal worked at the Chicago American as an assistant to legendary cartoonist Vaughn Shoemaker. Stayskal began to take on more responsibility until he eventually filled Shoemaker's shoes. From 1972 to 1984, Stayskal was the editorial cartoonist for the Chicago Tribune. He was developing his own style at this time and his work started to gain national attention. In 1984, Stayskal accepted a position at the Tampa Tribune, where he continues to serve as its editorial cartoonist.