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Scully, William (1917 - 2002)

William Scully original cartoon artwork.
Scully studied at the Nottingham School of Art. His first work as a cartoonists appeared in the Bystander. During the Second World War he served n the Royal Army Ordnance Corps an became Art Editor or AIM, an army magazine an then worked for Soldier Magazine. His work appeared in Punch, including front covers, Sunday Telegraph, Spectator, Sketch, New Yorker, London Opinion, Men Only, Lilliput and Tatler. Bill Hewison described his work as “marvellously free and autographic but with a tight control over the use of tone. You are always aware of space in a Scully drawing.” Scully himself believed that a humorous drawing should never be realistic or photographic: ‘Even in serious art, the impression of labour should not be obvious. In comic art it is fatal.’