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Satterfield, Robert W.

Robert “Bob” Satterfield was a Cleveland cartoonist who signed his work as Bob Satterfield or just simply Sat.

His cartooning career began when he sold a cartoon to Robert F. Paine, editor of The Press in Cleveland in the 1890’s. He was a political cartoonist for the Binghamton Sun, Cleveland Press, Cleveland News, Sandusky Register, Kansas City World and the N. E. A. Service. He also created among others the newspaper strip 'Oh, Thunder', that first appeared in 1916. Inspired by Theodore Roosevelt's passion for hunting and the subsequent introduction of the Teddy bear, inspired him to create his cartoon panel 'Sat's Bear', which was a feature of Cleveland's daily life. In the 1920s he made the panel 'Day's We'll Never Forget' and the comic strip 'The Family Next Door'. Satterfield self-published a collection of his cartoons called 'Fifty Cartoons by Satterfield' in 1913. It was limited to 150 signed and numbered copies and is quite rare.