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Riddell, Chris b. 1960

Chris Riddell original cartoon artwork.

From 1990 to 1991, Chris Riddell was business cartoonist on the Observer, producing illustrations for the personal finance pages. In 1991 Riddell moved to the Independent, and also joined the "Business on Sunday" section of the Independent on Sunday. In 1995 Riddell became Political Cartoonist on the Observer. The General Election of 1997 brought Tony Blair to power, and, as Riddell complained, he turned out to be "'fiendishly difficult" to draw. "My first Blair", he observed soon afterwards, "was thin-necked, with big ears in a huge double-breasted suit that was too big for him": "But this image is no longer appropriate...He's changing all the time. I make a point of always keeping up to date pictures in front of me. I've noticed that lately he has developed more of a frown. His brow is more furrowed. He's not as carefree as he was. And his ears are becoming less useful."