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Holland, Tony b.1932

Tony Holland original pocket cartoon artwork

On leaving the Royal Air Force in 1955, Holland taught english, history and maths at schools in Leicestershire and London for three years, before becoming a professional freelance cartoonist and illustrator. A self-taught artist, Holland sold his first cartoon to the Daily Sketch in the 1950s, and later drew a series of long thin cartoons for the paper, called "Tall Story". These were printed vertically along the gutter and ran for eighteen months. In 1963 Holland became City cartoonist on the Sunday Telegraph, producing a series of pocket cartoons entitled "Nine to Five." In 1966 he began another series in the Daily Telegraph, under the title "Day by Day", and he also provided pocket cartoons for that paper up until the late 1980s. Holland has also contributed to Punch, Accountancy - including colour cartoons, Daily Mirror, Time & Tide, Statist, News of the World, New Elizabethan, Spectator, Oldie and various financial journals.