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Fred Basset (Alex Graham 1917 - 1991)

Alex Graham Fred Basset original cartoon strip artwork.

Alex Graham began selling cartoons to magazines during the Second World War. In 1945, Graham joined the Dundee Weekly News, and created a comic strip, 'Wee Hughie', and continued this feature until about 1970. In 1946, Graham created another comic for the paper, 'Our Bill'. A year later, he made 'Willy Nilly' in the Sunday Graphic, and for 17 years, he made 'Briggs the Butler' in Tatler. He was also the author of 'Graham's Golf Club' in Punch. On 9 July, 1963, Graham began the comic strip with which he was most closely associated: 'Fred Basset'. Originally appearing in the Daily Mail, the strip eventually found its way to foreign publications through the Tribune Media Services.