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Cookson, Bernard (1937 - 2016)

Bernard Cookson original cartoon artwork.

Bernard Cookson's first cartoon was published in the Daily Mirror in 1965, the year in which he contributed his first drawing to Punch. In 1966, he took over the TV strip "The Niteleys" from the late Eric Burgin on the Daily Sketch, and in the following year became a full-time freelance cartoonist. In March 1969, after David Myers resigned from the Evening News, Cookson took his place as social/political cartoonist, remaining full-time with the paper until 1976. In 1982 Cookson replaced Clive Collins as Stanley Franklin's deputy on the Sun. "Those were heady days", he later recalled: "Wapping riots, IRA bomb threats and the Falklands war, all provided the perfect foil for the long, wine-fuelled lunches in El Vino’s, which were practically compulsory for any self-respecting cartoonist of the day." In 1996 Cookson became Charles Griffin's deputy on The Express. Influenced by Eric Burgin, Cookson also drew cartoons for the Spectator, Daily Express, Sporting Life, Today and the Sun. With Stan McMurtry (Mac) he has also written comedy sketches for The Two Ronnies, Tommy Cooper and Dave Allen.