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Baldwin, Arthur (1901 - 1980)

Arthur Baldwin grew up in Rye, East Sussex. He began his working career as a booking clerk at Rye Station. He then went on to become a poster artist for Southern Railway in London. Later he became the political cartoonist for the Surrey Comet from the 1950s through to the 1970s.  The Surrey Comet was a local newspaper covering the Royal Borough of Kingston-upon-Thames in South West London. Carl Giles appears to have had a distinctive influence on Baldwin's style of cartooning. Baldwin also wrote children's books in the early 1960s such as Tinker the Tractor, Peter Pull and Puff and Hector the Helicopter, which some people thought Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, plagiarised for her Budgie the Little Helicopter series, which later became a TV series.