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George Ambrose Lloyd, 1st Baron Lloyd (1879 – 1941)

Only £1475.00

Lord Lloyd original David Low caricature portrait artwork.

Lord Lloyd was a British Conservative politician strongly associated with the "Diehard" wing of the party. He became MP for Eastbourne in 1924, serving until 1925, when he was made Baron Lloyd, of Dolobran in the County of Montgomery, called after his Welsh ancestral home. Following his ennoblement, he was appointed High Commissioner to Egypt. During the 1930s he was one of the most prominent opponents of proposals to grant Indian Home Rule, working alongside Winston Churchill against the National Government. He was suspicious of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi movement, which he saw as a threat to Britain. He was agitating for rearmament against Germany as early as 1930, before Churchill did.  When Churchill became Prime Minister in May 1940, he appointed Lloyd as Secretary of State for the Colonies and in December of that year he conferred on him the additional job of Leader of the House of Lords. 

Size 26cm x 33cm

Medium Pencil on paper

Publication The Graphic

Published 1926