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Welcome to the Political Cartoon Gallery - Cartoons for sale

Our David Low Exhibition in Westminster Hall, May - October 2002Our David Low Exhibition in Westminster Hall, May - October 2002
Peter Brookes and Alistair Darling MP.Peter Brookes receives the Political Cartoonist of the Year Award 2011 from Alistair Darling MP.

The Political Cartoon Gallery represents over 300 leading cartoonists from Britain, the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia and South Africa. No other art or cartoon gallery offers such a fine selection of original cartoon artwork for sale. The original cartoons are available online through this exhaustive website as well as on display in our Political Cartoon Gallery and Cafe. We also purchase original cartoon art for the Political Cartoon Society Collection.

Opening Times: Tuesday to Saturday 10:30am - 5:30pm / Monday by appointment

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The Political Cartoon Gallery and Cafe is based in London by the River Thames in Putney. Do visit us to see the very best in original cartoon artwork. Not only do we put on regular exhibitions of political cartoons but we also sell original gag and strip cartoons by the likes of Martin Honeysett, Fougasse, H. M. Bateman, Reg Smythe (Andy Capp), Alex Graham (Fred Bassett) and Barry Appleby (The Gambols). We also have on permament display in the gallery some of the most famous, original and iconic political cartoons in British History.

CURRENT EXHIBITION at the Political Cartoon Gallery and Cafe

EU must be joking! A cartoon exhibition on the EU Referendum

The exhibition includes original cartoon artwork by all those cartoonists who have worked or still work for the Daily Telegraph, such as Bob Moran, Patrick Blower, Steve Bell, Martin Rowson, Morten Morland, Dave Brown, Andy Davey, Brian Adcock, Peter Schrank and Christian Adams.


Future Exhibitions: 

June 2016 EU must be Joking! A cartoon exhibition focussing on the EU Referendum

September 2016 TRUMPED!  A cartoon exhibition focussing soley on the Republican candidate for President, Donald J. Trump

November 2016 Britain's Best Political Cartoons 2016 A cartoon exhibition featuring the best cartoons of 2016.