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Welcome to the Political Cartoon Society

Our David Low Exhibition in Westminster Hall, May - October 2002Our David Low Exhibition in Westminster Hall, May - October 2002
Peter Brookes and Alistair Darling MP.Peter Brookes receives the Political Cartoonist of the Year Award 2011 from Alistair Darling MP.

Our aim is to promote the 'political' cartoon by way of amusing, informing and educating. Cartooning in Britain has an unrivalled heritage going back over many hundreds of years. From Hogarth through Gillray via Will Dyson Low and Vicky to the present day, cartoonists have had a major impact on readers.

The corrupt New York politician Boss Tweed famously blamed Nast's "damned pictures" for his decline. Low's Blimp, Vicky's drawing of Alec Douglas-Home, Bell's Major with underpants have created images that burned in the mind. Today there are more political cartoonists employed by British newspapers and periodicals than ever before. The Political Cartoon Society will mine this rich vein of visual history both through our quarterly newsletter as well as organising exhibitions of original cartoon art based on political and historical themes.

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Britain's leading political cartoonists gather for the launch of the 'Best of Britain's Political Cartoons 2013' at the Gay Hussar November 2013.
Back Row left to right: Paul Thomas (Daily Express) Martin Rowson (The Guardian) Ingram Pinn (Financial Times) Patrick Blower (Daily Telegraph) Morten Morland (The Times) Peter Schrank (Independent on Sunday) Bob Moran (Daily Telegraph) Chris Duggan (The Times) Ben Jennings (i) Brighty (The Sun)
Front Row left to right: Christian Adams (Daily Telegraph) Dr Tim Benson (Editor of book) Dave Brown (The Independent)


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